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Bus Branding for Beirut Evangelical School for Girls & Boys

BESGB bus branding with 4 different designs reflecting the school motto: “Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow”. Special emphasis was given to the concept of leaders in each design while relating to the students who are inside. The door side of the bus has much less space, so the logo and the 180+ years was used to increase brand awareness.

The devil is in the details

Behind the Scenes

A little look at all the work that went into designing and redesigning…

Working on such a large-scale, detailed project certainly had its challenges. It took some fine-tuning to finally get the proportions and details just right.

The BESGB Fleet

The First Design

This was the first design I made, the wave was made up of three different elements that created a dynamic movement throughout the design. But the waves were a nightmare to get just right during the installation.